Fine Art – December.

Hi everyone, I had a few images to share today and have been debating whether to add them all but have decided for the sake of consistency to only post one…maybe I will actually blog the others in a few days! For now here is one of the images I created at the Brooke Shaden retreat I recently attended. This was honestly one of the loveliest days I have recently had and it was so inspiring to spend the day with other creatives as well as the gorgeous and very giving Brooke of course.

I generally name my images after the song I listen to when editing and so this is called “In a week” (this is by Hozier and I’m obsessed with this song right now) I do feel like it suits it okay – hope you guys like :)

We have such amazing talent and gorgeous souls in this fine art group, it has been so wonderful to spend another year peering around the world into your lives and hearts. I’m so lucky to have found such support! XX

Do yourself a favour and follow this sweet little circle round to see some gorgeous fine art  starting with the lovely, creative and most thoughtful Pamela Joye of Boston. I love her  insight and intricate view of the world!

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  • Wow, this is so moving. I love how Steph is too large for the room that contains her, she is longing to get out, but in fear of breakng free. However, the crack in the window leads me to believe that she will break free and fly with her friends. Just so you know, you are already flying high in my book. XOXO

    December 31, 2014
  • pamela

    i look forward to seeing how the experience seeps into your work. i can already see the seeds – the cracking open has begun. i like the wider view – the expansion, the taking us more into your little world. your point of view always makes me pause and wonder a bit.

    and ps – i love your process for titling your images – i may well have to um borrow that sometime :-)

    December 24, 2014
  • Stunning…as always! And I absolutely love seeing a glimpse of “your birds” through the window. I love how they always appear in your pieces. The image makes me think of my own creative journey…wanting so badly to have the confidence to step out into the “fine art” world and give it a go but still too scared to leave the confines of my safe, little place in front of the computer. Looks like it was an amazing workshop! I’m SO happy we’ve continued with this group! It’s amazing to have friends around the world who “get” you! Looking forward to our next adventure!

    December 24, 2014

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