May fine art 2014

I have lately been limiting my fine art posts to one image however, I have been so productive lately that I could be posting weekly! So here are a few of my latests attempts.

Thanks for looking and please check out the rest of the wonderful fine art in this blog circle, starting with one of my favouritist artists Susan Grace, Hammonton photographer

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April Fine Art 2014


 Not really of this world, nor of any other actually. The In-between girl. With no solid sense of direction and a split soul. Through the fog she had figured out that it wasn’t fantasy but an addiction, yet the pull was like the waves of the ocean returning, too strong to resist. The imagined fullness. The improbable adventure. The satisfaction, all in her head. And so it softly ruined her.

The lovely Carrie Hyche Wheatland, WY photographer is next in this fine art circle, please go and check out her wonderful work.

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March Fine Art





Still playing with my birds.

Please go  on through this  circle starting with the lovely Stacie Smith,  I am looking forward to seeing her work this month! xx

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Ignite – Feb ’14

My second month playing with double exposures but this time, as inspired by Susan Grace, I’m trying to delve just a little deeper.

I was so happy to get a picture of these birds taking flight – I’ve always wanted to capture something like this… it turned out all I actually needed to do was go to a local open field with  my dogs  :)

Thanks for taking a look and please follow the link to see the very creative musings of  Kate Suzanne Photography, Asheville  I always looks so forward to seeing her work :)

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Fine Art 2014

Here’s to a new year of inspiration and artistic endeavour.

Summer. In every way.

Please follow the fine art circle, I know I’m so excited to! Starting with one of my favourites Pamela Joy, Northshore  Boston Photographer

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